DevBank and Your Explorer Key

The Devbank server ( is an API environment that exists for testing purposes only. Devbank runs the full stack of Apiture Digital Banking APIs for the Apiture Developer Portal (Dev Portal) or your own development environment. You may think of Devbank as a sandbox environment.

Use Devbank to try out and learn the Apiture Digital Banking APIs from the Dev Portal or from your own development environment, tools, and test applications. You can select Devbank as the target environment in the Get Started page and the Try It feature in the API Reference.

Devbank is not connected to any real money movement. While you can create accounts via the Account Applications and Accounts APIs, you cannot transfer money into or out of the accounts. The accounts you create in Devbank are not real accounts, and Devbank does not have a valid routing number. In addition, scheduled transfers are not processed, and any transaction history is mock data.

See API environments for information about using Devbank from the Dev Portal, authentication and authorization, and getting your Explorer API Key and access token.

Discoverer Key

If you visit the developer portal without logging in, or you do not yet have an approved Explorer Key for Devbank, the Dev Portal uses a Discoverer Key and a private access token. These allow you to try the APIs without registering or logging in but have limited permissions. They both expire on a regular basis and are presented as masked data in the Try It blocks.