Warning The Apiture Open product line will reach end of life December, 2023. Consumers of the Apiture Open APIs should migrate to the Apiture Digital Banking APIs before that time.

Text searching is expressed with ?q=text . To search for types that contain either “deposit” or “interest”, use the query


(Note that spaces must be URL encoded as %20 in query parameters.)

Within a text search, space separated words indicate different text strings. The above will match all product types which have either "deposit" or "interest" in their name, label, or description.

Word phrases may be quoted. To search for the two word phrase “demand deposit”, use the quoted phrase "demand deposit"


(Note that the enclosing double quote characters " must be URL encoded as %22.)

The and operator may be used if the search should match all query strings instead of any strings, such as "demand deposit" and interest as in


For internationalization purposes, ?q= is equivalent to secondary strength comparisons.

A search query may also be coded in a ?filter= expression as search('"demand deposit" and interest') which is URL encoded as search('%22demand%20deposit%22%20and%20interest').