OpenAPI Reference

Warning The Apiture Open product line will reach end of life December, 2023. Consumers of the Apiture Open APIs should migrate to the Apiture Digital Banking APIs before that time.

This page contains the detailed reference documentation for each of the Apiture Open APIs: the API resources, operations, parameters, and data schemas for each API. Use the Download API Definition links to download the API definition document for the APIs in YAML or JSON format. APIs are in OpenAPI format unless otherwise noted.

Please see the Release Notes to view recent API changes and a list any API feature deprecations.

In case you missed it, please see our Get Started guide and Concepts.

API Description Download API Definition
Account Verifications Verifies access to linked external financial institution accounts
Accounts Access internal accounts and account details (balances, etc.) at a financial institution, as well as linked external accounts
Applications Manages the data and workflow for applications for new banking accounts
Approvals Record the pending review, and approval or rejection of processes, documents or other resources which require manual intervention
Associations Maintain associations and roles between related business objects
Audit Administrative access to user authentication and other banking activity audit records
Authentication Authentication
Business Verifications Allows financial institutions to verify business identities and the identities of authorized representatives connected to the business
Cards Manage banking and debit cards
Check Deposits Deposit checks by submitting pictures from a mobile device
Check Orders Order checkbooks for checking accounts
Configurations Platform configuration
Consents Tracks a user’s consent of financial institution policies and documents such as account terms and conditions, electronic consent, and privacy policy
Contacts Manage people and their personal contact information such as date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
Dates Perform date calculations, such as processing dates
Documents List and download banking documents such as statements, tax forms, and notices
Identity Verify the identity of individuals such as account owners and authorized signers
Invitations Invite others to become joint owners of personal accounts or authorized signers of business accounts
Messages Secure conversational messages between the customer and the financial institution
Notifications In-app contextual messages and global notifications
Organizations Represents businesses, trusts, and other entities, primarily for business accounts ownership
Payments Request payments to a payee, using various payment methods
Products The financial institution’s list of banking products (savings, checking, certificates of deposit); each account is an instance of a product
Text Manage customizable text for client applications
Transactions Account transaction history
Transfers Transfer funds between a financial institution’s accounts or between an internal and an external account
Users People who are enrolled in digital banking, with a user ID and credentials
Vault Document storage in hierarchical folders, with document revision history
Workflow Business processes, included automatic and manual human-driven tasks, such as filling in forms or approving activities