Warning The Apiture Open product line will reach end of life December, 2023. Consumers of the Apiture Open APIs should migrate to the Apiture Digital Banking APIs before that time.

Apiture Digital Banking APIs support collection sorting. To sort a collection, add a ?sortBy=sort-criteria query parameter to the GET operation on the collection.



The sort-criteria are a list of sort keys, expressed as a comma-separated list of properties. These are properties from the collection’s item schema.

The default sort order is ascending order. If you add the - prefix before a property, the sort order changes to descending order.

How you order the properties determines the sort priority. For example, with ?sortBy=-postedAt,title, the collection is first sorted by postedAt (in descending order), then by the secondary sort key, title.

Not all properties are allowed in sort criteria; properties which have object or array types are not sortable.

The pagination _links embedded in a collection’s response body preserve the sort criteria and include the same sortBy properties.