API Reference

This page contains the detailed reference documentation for each of the Apiture Digital Banking APIs: the API resources, operations, parameters, and data schemas for each API. Use the Download API Definition links to download the API definition document for the APIs in YAML or JSON format. APIs are in OpenAPI.

Please see the Release Notes to view recent API changes and a list any API feature deprecations.

In case you missed it, please see our Get Started guide and Concepts.

API Description Download API Definition
Banking All customer banking APIs (merged)
Accounts View and manage banking accounts and balances
Products Banking account products offered by the financial institution
Institutions Data and operations related to the financial institution
Transactions View banking accounts transaction history
Transfers Schedule and manage account to account transfers
Banking Events Administration Administrative access to banking activity and event history
Challenges Challenge banking users to verify their identity when performing other API operations
Accounts Administration Administration API for Financial Institution banking accounts
Customers Administration Administration API for Financial Institution customers/members
Business Transfers Administration Administration API for Business Transfers